Yes, I do all the regular stuff other cleaning services do.  I just believe, no, I know I do it better. 

I have NEVER had a client tell me I missed something or that something wasn't taken care of.  I am completely confident in my ability to clean excellently.  

I give free estimates. I can usually walk in and see what the last service wasn't doing. 

I bring all the supplies. I know what works on what and what products won't damage sensitive surfaces plus I know my equipment is clean and in working order. 

I do my best to clean myself out of rooms as well as taking care with all your possessions as I move about your home.   I wan't you to come home to zero stress or disappointment.  Having a service like this is all about giving you time and piece of mind.  

Aside from all of the big, obvious things most services do, I do more. 

  • Door Jambs

  • Door Patterns

  • Wainscoting

  • Door knobs & handles

  • Light switches/plates

  • Hand prints on doors/door jambs

  • Ceiling Fans 

  • Move light furniture to access areas

*These are just some of the generic items. Every home is different and requires different things. 


And available if you want it,

  • Laundry

  • Bed Changing

  • Ironing


I'm also experienced with finishes, protecting them and using the proper products

  • Granite

  • Stone

  • Marble

  • Wood

  • Faux Wood

  • Stainless Steel 

Again, this is just the short list.  

There are also services I provide with advance notice

  • Refrigerator clean out

  • Ovens

  • Stove hoods/vents

  • Home organization

I'm a helpful soul and I want you to love this service as much as the people who've already discovered it do. I can help with just about anything around the home.  "Just Ask Me"   


In my years I've done many different tasks for many different people.  Busy people, Senior people and Handicapped people.  I've run errands, met service people and a variety of other things.  I've never left a job feeling like I didn't do enough. 

Contact me, I think we'll get along great!