I'll try not to be too lengthy with this page, the basics are this;   

I began this cleaning service in 1996. It was an idea of my mother's.  I use to visit her home to clean for her (she is where I got my clean freak gene from)  One day she said to me,  "you know, you should go into the cleaning business.  No one cleans like you do".  And from there the idea grew that I could do this... And I did, successfully.  Since it was her idea, I named it after her.  Taylor was my mother's maiden name.  

Over the last 23 years I've cleaned.  I began in L.A. & Orange County and moved into the Riverside area before picking up and moving to Las Vegas in 2006 where I started all over again.    I became homesick and missed California so I returned in 2018 and once again, started all over.   Since I decided to make my home in Temecula, I figured this was a good place to start. 

In the beginning it was just residences but I quickly moved to small offices as well as working for some realtors.  I enjoy it all and say to everyone......

                                             "Just Ask Me"

                     Licensed & Bonded for your trust and comfort